Friday, October 24, 2008


I am supposed to be finalizing my grades. While digging through the piles, I came upon the reflections I had my students write after an "off-topic" discussion we had about the nature of war. (This was spurred by the "pearl of the day"- a quotation that is part of the daily bulletin that is read out loud to the students daily) It was one of those "teachable moments" that make me love my job. And reading my students reflections, I'm so glad we had that discussion. (This was with my 7th grade class- so 12 year olds, give or take.)

So, I got them all thinking about the nature of war, peace, the global economy (they asked)- and they did wonderful, thoughtful reflections. So were do I go from here?

I'm planning a special day before winter break class. We'll watch the youtube clip above, listen to Sarah Kay's poem. (I know I've already posted it before, but I'm seriously addicted)

I'm also planning on showing clips of Joyeux Noël (I'm downloading it from itunes as I type). Not only is it in French (so totally relevant) one of my student's grandfather's was actually in the trenches that day and was there for the Christmas Truce. And of course, continue discussing and ask the students talk to their parents and write a reflection.

***Ah**** I love my job.

Now back to the grading... *sigh*

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