Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Survey says

I recently sent an email to my very friendly masses and asked them:

Would you like me to continue sending emails or would you prefer to read my verbose ramblings on a blog?

And the survey says: EMAIL. It won out for its more personal nature and better for the not so blog inclined.

So what am I doing writing a blog? There were various people who were very pro blog. So I decided to compromise. The emails as they are will remain as they are. However, I decided that I would do *Bonus Features*- which will include photos with commentary (à la photojournalism) and maybe links to various sites, etc.

So, hopefully all my loyal readers will be happy because I will both email and blog. I'm also more comfortable with the idea knowing my email readers. (Of course I'm overly optimistic because not one thing can really make everyone happy... but such is my disposition)

And just to say how cool my new school is- I'm writing this blog- and learning how to blog- in a STAFF MEETING. After our little exploratory we're going to talk about educational applications. What can I say, AISD ROCKS.

Since I'm in a computer lab I don't have any of my own cool photos to upload, but hopefully we'll get there.