Thursday, December 20, 2007

Welcome to my bedroom (scandalous!)

Okay, it’s midnight thirty and I’m sitting in my apartment ignoring the fact that I’m flying to Thailand today and packing would be most beneficial. Details really. As I told a friend today, I have several hours of not-packing I need to do before I can start packing.

To help clarify, not-packing activities include:
*Organizing the paperwork, passports and making (yes mistakenly) 4 reservations for the same night
*Calling Daddy and promising him I’ll be safe and smart and letting him know my plan
*Writing in my blog
*Relocating my computer and speakers to my “bar” area and away from the kitchen table.
*Making a Bhat- Dollar exchange rate chart
*Eating chocolate
*Generally staring off into space
*attacking mosquitoes as they attack me (My visiting friends who traveled for two and a half weeks through India and Bangladesh said my apartment was the worst place for mosquitoes in all their travels. It really is bad. :(

Well, you get the idea. I think the blog is just a much nicer forum for pictures than bitty attachments you have to download to see properly.

It’s really hard to capture the whole room from one vantage point. I have a large wall unit/ armoire thingy that I’m omitting (not much I could change about it really)

Please note… ugly curtain rods that don’t work are replace buy really pretty ones. Old nasty green loaner curtains replaced by white curtains, ugly bedposts for mosquito net replaced with hanging frame, balcony has plants.

I have to admit that my bedroom is my favorite room… but funny, I don’t spend much time in it. Maybe I should get a chair? All I really have in it is the built-in wall unit and my bed. I have a nice piece of kabalistic artwork I picked up in Tzfat and got framed here that is waiting to be hung. ( - click on the center piece that is Hebrew letters in rainbow colors in a circle- Ain Ode Milvado) I also want to get a long table built that would be under it… we’ll see how that goes. Everything is a process. I think by the time I finally get moderately settled into this humongous it will be time to downsize and see if I can fit into a smaller one.

Okay, so we’re quickly moving past midnight thirty to 0100. I still have lots of packing, feeding and other stuff to do. Sleep would be nice too.

I hope you all are well. Merry Christmas, Eid Mubarak and Happy New Year. Make some nice goals you can forget in a week. J

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