Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Apartment renovations

After many many many many unsuccessful attempts to upload apartment photos to snapfish and after much prodding (sometime very necessary motivation) I have decided that apartment renovation photos would be best shared on a blog. (This very one in fact)

So- Let's travel back in time to August 1, 2007 and my arrival to Dhaka Bangladesh, my super star transport from the airport to my very own apartment.

Yes- the woman before me convinced Mr. Zaman that her dirty walls were so beautiful that they didn't need to repaint white. Un huh,

Please notice the absolutely ridiculous size of the apartment. Do not be confused- this is not a two lane bowling alley (although it may as well be) nor is it a bed room, living room or anything else- it is a giant random space in the middle of my apartment. I was really distraught about what to do with such a large, undefined and utterly un-homey and not cozy space.

Then I decided that I wanted a wall. And since I live in Bangladesh, I should get exactly what I want. So, a wall I got.

Well, once I had my wall, I couldn't really decide what to do with it. I originally thought to put title on top and have hanging plants at different levels above it to create a full "wall". But then the issue came that none of my indoor plants were surviving and they were all moved about to the balconies and also that the hangings plants would be way too high for Mushida to water.

It stayed in it's random half-wall in the middle of the room state for a number of months. An in that time a lot of people said... wow... this would make a really good bar! So, early December I got my act together, went and haggled for some lights that I liked and got a co worker to come over with her wood-man and translate what I wanted. I also got a nice pillow pile for the other side. :) So, VOILA!!

For all of you have been wondering about my apartment... here's a little piece of it. :)


Stella said...

I love it! and the pillow area looks really nice. Now I see what you mean by a bowling alley.

btrodlier said...

Your choice of colors is perfect and the eating bar with brick wall is so cool. You are definitely your mother's daughter. You must have made your mother proud.



Joshua said...

My sister has a bar at her place? Now, I have to come visit.

The Gypsy Queen's Daughter said...

Josh- I should have said liquor not included. Now, if you would like to import some clandestinly in your bags, then we can talk about visits.