Thursday, January 22, 2009

Help Me Help a Friend

Being in Bangladesh, I meet many interesting people. Last year, I met Shawn, who founded in an effort to raise awareness about ending global poverty. He has traveled around Bangladesh working in concert with various aide organizations to help end global poverty. (He's original goal was to see the impact that one person could have on ending poverty but quickly realized that his efforts would go further with the help of others.) What make's Shawn's story a little different is that throughout his whole experience, he has been collecting amazing footage and photographs, blogging and youtub'ing for a cause. He currently has the #1 youtube channel on the subject of ending poverty- more than CARE, Save the Children, and all the other professional channels. He has also traveled to Africa, and is currently working to earn a coveted sport for ONE non-press normal person at the World Economic Forum. Part of the application is based on ratings and comments on youtube.

So I'm asking you, watch the clip- and RATE it- COMMENT on it. Help me help Shawn. He has already done so much- and I think this would be a great chance for him to do more to help end global poverty. THANKS!


The Gypsy Queen's Daughter said...

Voting is over- this is the message Shawn left on his facebook group:
Hey everyone,

I have bad news: I didn't make it to Davos.

I certainly didn't lose due to lack of support. With over 7,000 views, over 700 positive ratings, and over 500 positive and supportive comments, you guys helped create the strongest democratically supported video about the Davos and the World Economic Forum

I know no one meeting will change the world. I was hoping to use Davos as an opportunity to expand my contacts and find new and creative ways to grow (and sustain!) my project. But, hopefully my break will come later down the road. Who knows? Maybe third time will be a charm with Davos in 2010 ;-)

Best wishes,

- Shawn

Shawn said...

Hey - thanks so much for blogging about this :) Can't wait to meet up when I get back!