Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Beautiful but Deadly- Plants (not a woman)

I just got a call from my Dad- he said that he had found one of his dogs, Topper, foaming at the mouth and vomiting. At first he thought rabies, especially because he had found a dead (killed by the dogs) raccoon in the backyard. The dogs' other favorite hobby is chewing up plants (well- more specifically- chewing up anything to be found in the backyard- plants, raccoons, toys, piping- )

This time, they had managed to reach through the fence and grab a plant that was two feet away- a Sega (alternatively Sago) Palm (a misnomer)- and Topper may be paying the ultimate price for his chewing habit- Sega Palms cause liver malfunction and death in dogs (and humans) when ingested. We'll see if Topper makes it through the night (Dad found umpteen websites detailing heroic efforts to save poisoned dogs- which just made their death take longer and cost more. -Dad, having grown up on a farm, is not of the spend thousands to prolong your pet's death type. He's has a good healthy separation between pets and humans)

Just for good measure- if you have chew happy pets or children- check out the wikipedia list of Poisonous Plants:

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