Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Visit to Nepal Made Easy

Please everyone take note: Nepal is an awesome spot for a vacation. Here is a step by step guide

Step 1: bring an extra passport size photo and 30 USD for visa upon arrival

Step 2: Having previously made arrangements via email, walk outside to find the free shuttle from the airport to the lovely Kathmandu Guesthouse

Step 3: Have Sharan- tour guide extraordinaire- take you to UNESCO cultural heritage sites, including Monkey Temple- and take gobs and gobs and gobs of photos

Step 4: Take time to explore the shops and the local crafts- elaborate woodwork shapes boxes, stools, tables, wall hangings, etc. Pashminas galore, felted bags and slippers, handmade paper products, knitted sweaters, jackets, ponchos, you name it- all at wonderful prices, if you're willing to bargain for it.

Step 5: Go to the mountain town of Nagarkot and stay at The Hotel at the End of the Universe- best price with breakfast and dinner included- Have Yanneke (wife) and Oasis (husband) arrange your transport for 2000 Nepali Rupees each way (donation to their NGO orphanage/ school)

Step 6: See the sunrise of Mt Everest, trek in the mountains

Step 7: Take shuttle back to airport. Remember to keep enough rupees out for your exit fee.

Step 8: Send your fabulous pictures to all your family and friends. (and they will be jealous of your great adventure)

Step 9: Repeat


Mandy Halpin said...

Did you get to visit the ex-king or his ex-palace?

You'll have to see the sunrise from Tiger Hill near Darjeeling, India, too and let me know how the Nepal view compares.

The Gypsy Queen's Daughter said...

See Ex-king- no
see ex-palace- yes
see protest at ex palace with ex-king inside- yes